Louise Fazackerley & Ikram Hamud: This Is Science

As part of Experimental Words, we challenge each of our scientist-poet pairings to speed-write a new poem with the title This Is Science. Here’s Louise Fazackerley and Ikram Hamud with their interpretation - and most excellent it is too! Check them out at the event on Thursday - part of Manchester Science Festival!

This Is Science

Science is a book
Tell me I can’t open it
Science is a solution
big banging never-ending always growing
I am a token
I sit on my own at work
Science is a lifecycle
That doesn’t recognise my life
Baby-maker. 23 chromosomes + 23 chromosomes= 1
Science is in my DNA. Google it.
Society creates silos
I test this I test this

We Are In-Residence at Unearth Science Festival!

We are still buzzing from last night's Experimental Words at Chicago Botanic Garden - five phenomenal sci-poetry performances in front of an electric crowd! More on that later, but for now Sam and I are poets-in-residence at the Unearth Science Festival. 

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José Olivarez & Krissa Skogen: This Is Science

We're well underway with Experimental Words in Chicago, and we're super excited to see what our poet-scientist pairings produce at the show on Friday night. In the meantime, here's another poem from one of the pairs: the poet José Olivarez and the scientist Krissa Skogen with 'This Is Science'. 

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cin salach & Stuart Wagenius: This Is Science

Once we pair up the poets and scientists at Experimental Words, we initially challenge them to speed-write a new poem together. It's important to show that good stuff can be created in a short time, since we're often working on quite tight timescales. In our Chicago Botanic Garden edition of the project, we're going from that first meeting to co-performing in just 4 days - so the idea of prototyping and demonstrating quickly is super important! 

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Dr. Illingworth & Mr. Simpson & Chicago Botanic Garden

We are in Chicago - although Sam's suitcase decided to have an extended stay in Philadelphia on the way. I'm not surprised, given that it's 0 degrees and snowing here! The blanket of white does make Chicago Botanic Garden look magical, though we were hoping for the green and bloom of spring-time. Anyway, Sam has been reunited with his clothes now so let's tell you what we're up to in Chi-Town: Dr. Illingworth & Mr. Simpson have been brought over to run our science-poetry mash-up project Experimental Words as part of the Garden's Unearth Science Festival.

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