Elise Hadgraft & Pippa Kennedy: This Is Science

One of my favourite parts of the Experimental Words project is our meet-up day, during which we pair up the poets and scientists for the first time. To figure out who should go with who, Sam and I have a super-advanced cloud-powered machine-learning algorithm. Actually, we just ask the poets which scientific areas interest them most, have a quick think about performance styles, and make the best guess we can. Anyway! 


Once we get the participants together, the first challenge we set is to collaborate on a new poem with the title This Is Science. It produces some brilliant bits of speed-written verse. Here is Elise Hadgraft and Dr. Pippa Kennedy's flash-response from the Manchester's Experimental Words. Enjoy!

This Is Science

Back of the class
In silence
I've so many places I'd rather be
Than Biology
Trained to electively
Reject your outreach
What is it to me?
The complexity
Of simply being?
The lottery that was
My very existence?

In hindsight I wish I'd listened

"There's a beauty in complexity and a beauty in understanding. 
More complicated than our most sophisticated machines.
Just one human cell is beyond our understanding. 
Put them altogether and see how they work. 
Like clockwork, but better. "

This is science
This is difference of
Opinion, interest
Direction, moment

This is science
This is conversation

This is science
This is human