Ella Otomewo & Nicholas Weise: This Is Science

Here’s another This Is Science poem from our Manchester 2018 cohort of Experimental Word-ers. This time, it’s the poet Ella Otomewo working with scientist Dr. Nicholas Weise. This. Is. Science!

And see more on Thursday at Manchester Science Festival.


This Is Science

Science is
everything that I don't understand.
Any unexplained, unanswered question, or over complicated, out of reach concept
is science,
and is for the scientists to deal with.

Science is everything that the scientists don't understand.
Their unexplained, unanswered questions, or over complicated, out of reach concepts are

Maybe it is for the artists to deal with?

Science is for the artists to pretend to understand.
Fake their answers with metaphor,
Rhyme complicated concepts with out of reach imagery.

In fact, the only commonality between the artists and the scientists,
the philosophers and the researchers,
the writers and the engineers,
is the pretence!
Different methods to the same madness.

This is science.