Helen Seymour & Alessia Buscaino: This Is Science


It's tomorrow, everyone! Experimental Words hits Canterbury with the explosive force of science-infused spoken word. We can't wait to see what our poetry and scientist pairings have created for Canterbury Festival, and the epic surroundings of the Cathedral Lodge will be an amazing backdrop to showcase their performances. Enjoy this warm-up poem from Helen Seymour and Dr Alessia Buscaino - and then grab yourself a ticket to the show!

This is Science

To head into the field
of unknowable size
and find the one spot where
the sun feels good on your back

To try to work on understanding
how that patch of grass grows
despite all the other green line dashes
you cannot reach

To take your time
observing and testing
listening to the roots of others
and how they might intertwine
with you

To have to hang up tools for rest -
Even your favourite with that oak handle -
smiling that at least
you wore down the wood
so others can trace the way you tried

To know that when your sun sets
and you lie down
and become the earth
you’ll make this ground a richer place
for the next explorer
who finds comfort in that little spot
where the sun felt nice on your back.