Jasmine Chatfield & Alex Holsgrove: This Is Science

Another stonkingly good This Is Science poem written for Experimental Words! It's hard to believe that these poems are the result of just 45 minutes of collaboration between a scientist and a poet who have just met. This time around it's Jasmine Chatfield and self-described "mitochondria fiend" Alex Holsgrove. Enjoy this one, and check out some of the other poems our scientist and poets have created together. 


This Is Science

Weighing out one milligram of powder. Making
a discovery. Making your third cup of tea. Ending smallpox.
Copy, paste, transpose, cut, change, program, paste.
Reducing child death. Cleaning spatulas. Anesthetics!
Surviving surgery! Watching the first year undergrads outside
enjoying the sunshine. Improving living conditions. Pipetting
one invisible solution into another invisible solution
for three hours. Increasing the life expectancy of
an entire population. Having to talk to Dr Bloggs for one entire minute
while the kettle boils. Inventing space travel. Wiping down
every bench of every workplace of every room in every
university building, shutting down every computer, turning off
every light. Winning a Nobel prize. This is science.