Katrine Solvaag & Gary Robinson: This Is Science

The first challenge we put our poets and scientists through at Experimental Words is a speed-writing exercise. Your title is This is Science. Go! Here's an awesome effort from Katrine Solvaag that I saw her write in approximately ten minutes after talking with Dr. Gary Robinson during the recent Canterbury edition of Experimental Words. 

This Is Science

Science is holding your arms wide
Or close together, to measure the distance
Between you and me in nanometres, to know
That even when the air seems empty
It never ceases to bubble with activity.

Science is playing I-spy
With the distance between stars,
Between the synapses in my brain,
Between what I think and what I say,
Between what we know and what
We yearn to discover.

Science is debating its own benefits
Without ever having met its recipients
Because they have yet to be born,
To be created, to be thought of,
Sometimes science is not knowing
If this will cause more good than pain.

Science is understanding my own skin
Speaks in layers, how it rushes into battle
To heal a papercut, how it cracks in protest
Of the cold air in winter.

Science is having a problem
And never giving up at trying to solve it,
To play Twister in your mind as you attempt
To understand what seems incomprehensible.

Science is knowing there is oxygen
In my lungs, how it takes a rollercoaster ride
Through my veins and how it fires up
The embers in my brain in order to create
These very words.