Dr. Illingworth & Mr. Simpson & Chicago Botanic Garden

We are in Chicago - although Sam's suitcase decided to have an extended stay in Philadelphia on the way. I'm not surprised, given that it's 0 degrees and snowing here! The blanket of white does make Chicago Botanic Garden look magical, though we were hoping for the green and bloom of spring-time. Anyway, Sam has been reunited with his clothes now so let's tell you what we're up to in Chi-Town: Dr. Illingworth & Mr. Simpson have been brought over to run our science-poetry mash-up project Experimental Words as part of the Garden's Unearth Science Festival.

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Super Cool Science Illustration

During our Experimental Words shows, we make our audience complete some paperwork at the interval. Through a questionnaire, we ask them questions about poetry and science - and task them with writing a poem. It's very important, data-driven work - and certainly not just for silly purposes. Some excellent poems are always written, but today we wanted to share this super cool cartoon drawn by Adrian Brayley at the Canterbury show. This in just 15 minutes: amazing! Find out more about Adrian here.

Experimental Words: Two Shows Down, One To Go!

Two Experimental Words shows down - and one to go! Manchester and Canterbury were both incredible, as our poets and scientists dug deep to create brilliant new performances. We've had a sustainability gameshow, a performative lecture on the totally real science of phrenology, and candida fungus literally threatening us on-stage. The London show is coming up - why not get your FREE tickets right now? In the meantime check out a poem one of our audience members wrote during the interval. 

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Neelam Saredia & Neil Kad: This Is Science

One final This Is Science poem from the Canterbury edition of Experimental Words. Our pairing of the superb poet Neelam Saredia and the awesome molecular biophysicist scientist Dr. Neil Kad has led to this fun, speed-written poem. You can see Neil and Neelam (Neilam?) tonight at the Cathedral Lodge with a brand new spoken word performance. Get your tickets now!

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Helen Seymour & Alessia Buscaino: This Is Science

It's tomorrow, everyone! Experimental Words hits Canterbury with an explosive force of science-infused spoken word. We can't wait to see what our poetry and scientist pairings have created for Canterbury Festival, and the epic surroundings of the Cathedral Lodge will be an amazing backdrop to showcase their performances. Enjoy this warm-up poem from Helen Seymour and Dr Alessia Buscaino - and then grab yourself a ticket to the show!

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