We Are In-Residence at Unearth Science Festival!

We are still buzzing from last night's Experimental Words at Chicago Botanic Garden - five phenomenal sci-poetry performances in front of an electric crowd! More on that later, but for now Sam and I are poets-in-residence at the Unearth Science Festival. 

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José Olivarez & Krissa Skogen: This Is Science

We're well underway with Experimental Words in Chicago, and we're super excited to see what our poet-scientist pairings produce at the show on Friday night. In the meantime, here's another poem from one of the pairs: the poet José Olivarez and the scientist Krissa Skogen with 'This Is Science'. 

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Holmes & Watson & Sam & Dan

Sam and I are on tour with our new show Holmes and Watson: The Case of the Rhyming Crime. They play has been developed with support from Inn Crowd, who make work happen in rural pubs across the South East and East of England. Our show opened last night at the delightful Wheatsheaf in Holt, Norfolk.

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Super Cool Science Illustration

During our Experimental Words shows, we make our audience complete some paperwork at the interval. Through a questionnaire, we ask them questions about poetry and science - and task them with writing a poem. It's very important, data-driven work - and certainly not just for silly purposes. Some excellent poems are always written, but today we wanted to share this super cool cartoon drawn by Adrian Brayley at the Canterbury show. This in just 15 minutes: amazing! Find out more about Adrian here.

Experimental Words: Two Shows Down, One To Go!

Two Experimental Words shows down - and one to go! Manchester and Canterbury were both incredible, as our poets and scientists dug deep to create brilliant new performances. We've had a sustainability gameshow, a performative lecture on the totally real science of phrenology, and candida fungus literally threatening us on-stage. The London show is coming up - why not get your FREE tickets right now? In the meantime check out a poem one of our audience members wrote during the interval. 

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