cin salach & Stuart Wagenius: This Is Science

Once we pair up the poets and scientists at Experimental Words, we initially challenge them to speed-write a new poem together. It's important to show that good stuff can be created in a short time, since we're often working on quite tight timescales. In our Chicago Botanic Garden edition of the project, we're going from that first meeting to co-performing in just 4 days - so the idea of prototyping and demonstrating quickly is super important! 


With that in mind, here is one of those 'good stuff' poems - from the poet cin salach and the scientist Stuart Wagenius. Enjoy! 

This Is Science

This is the lab where Danielle germinates seeds/germinates

These are the samples that the volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays
clean & count & randomize/randomize & classify/classify
o avoid being biased/biased.

CG 2013

This is Science.

Wide-eyed in wonder at the possibility of green growing,
awestruck listening to growth chambers
& fans & a compressor.
This is science today, but/
tomorrow,I will give you a tour of the growth chamber,
show you the x-ray machine, and you can count some fruits.

CG 1999

This is Science /This is Poetry